Saint Nicholas of Myra
    Bysantine Catholic Church


In the late 1800ís, Carpatho-Rusin emigres to America settled in the historic Village of Roebling and in 1910 established the Greek Catholic Rusin Church of St. Nicholas of Myra of Roebling. The Church was so central to Carpatho-Rusin life no one could imagine not having it in their midst so in 1914 our great-grandparents and parents built the present church to satisfy their spiritual needs . In this strange new land the liturgical life provided comfort and stability as they labored in the Roebling Steel Company and other work-places.

St. Nicholas of Myra Byzantine Catholic Church is part of the Eparchy of Passaic. We follow the Constantinopolitan Tradition of the Catholic Church led by His Grace, Kurt R. Burnette. We are in full communion with the Church of Rome led by His Holiness, Pope Francis. We are part of the Metropolia of Pittsburgh, PA sui iuris. Please click on the history link for a more complete account of our establishment.

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